I love working with couples who are laid back and are excited about their wedding because they are excited about who they are marrying!  I love when couples aren't afraid to try something new and stray away from tradition to do what suits them best.

A Minnesota based photographer who is passionate about God, marriage, and photography.

I'm magdalena.

hi, friends!

less stressful and more intimate.

my mantra:

Let's make your wedding day

I value personal relationships and want to know my couples on a more personal level. Let's get to know each other so that I can serve you the best way possible!

Out the window"

"I threw it all

- Magdalena

about my own wedding day:

"My husband and I threw tradition out the window and planned our wedding in under 3 months with only 40 people present. This is why I am such a strong advocate for doing what suits you best!"

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